Mastercall held an event at our HQ in Stockport on 19th October 2022 to launch our Menopause strategy.

The event was split into 2 sessions, one for all staff and the second session for all clinical staff.

The purpose of the event was to ‘get the conversations started’. We need to break down some of the barriers around Menopause and the stigma surrounding it.
It’s not just about hot flushes, it is far more complicated. It doesn’t just affect women, it affects men too.
If not managed, and especially if not managed appropriately, the impact can have far reaching and devastating implications. This is not only for the person experiencing the menopause physically, but for all those around them.

As part of our menopause strategy, Mastercall has newly appointed Menopause champions. The champions are available to offer support and advice to all staff going forward, We hope this will go some way to helping people get the advice and support they need.

As we progress with this initiative, we intend to host Menopause drop-in Cafe’s for staff with a Menopause Champion available to offer support and advice.

Mastercall launches Menopause Strategy