Our Vision

Enhancing lives because we CARE.


The care we deliver will be:-

• Provided by healthcare professional experts

• Underpinned by innovative digital and disruptive technology

• Focused on the best possible outcomes for patients

Our Purpose

Providing OUTSTANDING healthcare.


We are committed to:-

• Encouraging a coluture of collaboration

• Inspiring our workforce to be innovative and dynamic

• Improving patient care and health outcomes

• Relieving pressures on the NHS and social care

Our Mission

EMPOWERING patients to live and age well.


We are passionate about:-

• Supporting patients to take responsibility for living their best life

• Using innovation to solve problems that can save lives

• Providing meaningful futures for our workforce

• Expanding our range of services to support patients and the NHS

• Being an organisational leader in the use of innovation and digital technology

• Ensuring financial stability to support innovation and growth